Course Syllabus

This course will focus on the production of a portfolio of creative writing, including poetry, short stories, and life writing (short memoirs). To learn how to write successfully, we will read and analyze a variety of literary works.

The course is organized into 15 one-week lessons. In each one, you will read about elements of writing, read examples of writing, and produce writing. You will also share your own writing exercises, reflect on your writing exercises, and respond to the work of your peers. 

To the greatest extent possible, this course is designed as an online version of the "creative writing workshop" model, in which student-writers serve as a body of readers for the work of other student-writers. 

It is important that you attend carefully to interactive aspects of the course: Your role as a reader of others' writing is just as important as your role as a writer. Each role will teach you important aspects of creative writing.



Grade Scale


100-93             A

92-90               A-

89-87               B+

86-83               B

82-80               B-

79-77               C+

76-73               C

72-70               C-

69-67               D+

66-63               D

62-60               D-

59-0                 F


 Grading breakdown:

Weekly lessons (graded all-or-nothing) 150 points

Discussion forum participation (graded by rubric) 50 points

Final writing portfolio (graded by rubric) 50 points

Please notice that the weekly lessons are graded all-or-nothing. They must be 100% complete in order to be eligible for any credit. Please do not submit your work until it is complete.


This course is designed to be completed in a standard semester (about 15 weeks). You may not complete it in fewer than 6 weeks. You may not extend your time in the course for longer than 6 months. Please aim to make steady progress: You will learn more and have more fun that way.


An important part of our learning in this course comes from sharing our weekly work. Your work will be visible to other members of our course. However, no grades or private information will be shared during this process. If you prefer, you may identify yourself by first name only in class materials that are visible to your peers. Please be sure that you do not include private information (such as social security numbers or physical addresses)  in your weekly assignments.


Course Summary:

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