CBD vs. Kratom - What is doing better for you?

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You already know the CBD: the cannabinoid that can be extracted from marijuana and that has no psychoactive effects. It is usually attributed to relaxing properties and helps relieve pain.

On the other side is the kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and the remote islands of the Pacific. It has become so popular in the US that the federal government has already set its sights on the plant that, so far, is completely legal. It is considered that kratom can help with arthritis, anxiety or for one to disengage from opioids. Does it sound to you?

The alkaloids to which these properties are attributed in kratom are Mitraginine (MG) and 7-hydroximitraginine (7-HMG). These alkaloids interact in a similar way to CBD. The difference is that 7-HMG does have psychoactive effects and operates on the same receptors as opiates.

Although the kratom can be eaten, it is usual to find it dry or prepared in capsules. So, before you get kratom or CBD, you must go through this write-up. This should help you make a correct decision.

Both CBD and kratom help with similar ailments. Which one is more effective? Well, for now, it is not clear. We have enough studies of CBD (although more are still needed) while kratom is scarce. From a medical point of view, CBD works better than kratom just because we lack data on its effectiveness. Now you might be wondering how does CBD work, well there are plenty of online resources that could help you.

At the moment there are several projects to study kratom like the one at the University of Florida, which has received 3.5 million dollars to conduct a great investigation into the effects of kratom. At the moment in the studies that have been conducted against pain in which kratom was used the result is 90% of people who rated it as "very effective".

Although MG seems effective in helping to leave opioids, 7-HMG may have a counterpart as side effects. By acting on the same opioid receptors you are likely to create addiction. At the moment it is unknown if this can be so although pain, anger and difficulty sleeping have been reported when one stops taking it.

The side effects of kratom are worse than those of CBD: lack of appetite, nausea or dry mouth. It also has bad press because there was an outbreak of salmonella in 41 states in the US where 199 people got sick. None of this happens with the CBD. The only risk of CBD is to buy “fake” CBD that has hazardous chemical components, but it would be a different matter. It is very complicated that in a place where CBD is regulated there is a serious health problem.

Therefore, which one is better? For all these reasons right now we are left with the safety of the CBD. In the future, kratom may be much more controlled and its effects, how to increase or mitigate them, be known, but today the CBD is moving ahead on the right.

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