How to explore Jeju on your next trip to South Korea: A travel guide

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Located in the southwest of South Korea, Jeju Island is the largest island in the country. Between its volcanic landscapes, its paradisiacal beaches with turquoise waters, its vertiginous cliffs, its numerous parks, and botanical gardens and its waterfalls, the island of Jeju is, for many, considered as the Hawaii of Korea.

We give you the 5 things to do or see absolutely on this volcanic island. Discover the essentials of this Island along with a Jeju tour guide, they are easily available and you could hire them online. Here we start our list of best places to explore in Jeju Island:

1. Walk the Hallasan volcano

At a height of 1950 meters above sea level, the Hallasan volcano is the highest mountain point in South Korea. And it is above all the symbol of the island. Suffice to say that you will not be able to escape it during your stay on Jeju Island!

There are many marked hiking trails there. The bravest can take on the challenge of reaching the summit of the volcano and thus benefit from a 360° view of the island...

Good to know: at the start of the trail, do not miss the Gwaneumsa temple. It is the oldest Buddhist temple on the island, founded in the Koryo dynasty!

2. Go to meet the Haenyo

Other great figures from Jeju Island: the Haenyo. Meaning "women of the sea", the Haenyo are women (mostly in their 80s) who snorkel in order to fish for shellfish. A tradition that could not be more spectacular, which has even been designated as a cultural practice classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

To see them in action, you can go to the Seongsan Ilchulbong website where a demonstration takes place every day. Otherwise, you may be able to meet these singular women in the village of Seongsan or come across them at sea!

3. Visit the Manjanggul cave

Located in the northeast of the island, the Manjanggul cave is actually a lava tunnel and it is among most the popular place in Jeju island tour. And the most impressive with this creation signed Mother Nature, is that it was formed over 250,000 years ago! Note that this is not the only volcanic cave in Jeju (there are 4 other identical sites) but it is the only one that can be visited.

Its length is 13 kilometers in total and its width extends to 18 meters! As for its height, the tunnel reaches 20 meters high. No doubt, this sublime underground palace with awe-inspiring dimensions is one of the must-see things in Jeju!

4. Cool off at the waterfalls

If you chose Jeju as your destination during your trip to South Korea, chances are you are nature lovers. And you will not be disappointed! In addition to the volcanic landscapes, Korean Hawaii also contains pretty waterfalls. The best known is that of Jeongbang. And what makes its reputation is its very special configuration! Indeed, it is the only waterfall in Asia that flows directly into the sea. 

Continue your hunt for waterfalls, in the south of the island with the discovery of the Cheonjiyeon and Eongtto waterfalls. Do not forget to learn about the history of each of them, you will be surprised by the legends that are attributed to them…

5. Take it easy on the beaches

A resort in South Korea, Jeju Island has a few beaches as beautiful as each other. But given its volcanic landscape, not all of them are accessible and some are formed around vertiginous cliffs and rocky areas (also to be discovered during hikes or during sunrise/sunset).

If you want to rest on a white sand beach, head to the sublime Hyeopjae beach located in the west of the island opposite the island of Biyang. 9 km long, it is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Jeju! 

Take the opportunity to visit Hallim Park and its botanical and water gardens! Another ideal beach for swimming in Jeju: Hamdeok Seoubon beach. Located east of Jeju, it is characterized by its turquoise water and the pine forest which borders the coastline offering sublime contrasts.

You can find more attractions in this Island here. We hope that our readers would find this article helpful. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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