Widgets That Can Help Improve Your Brand or Company's Website

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Did you know that the development of a strategic user experience and intentionally has the ability to increase conversion rates up to 400 percent ?, There are many sources that confirm how important it can be the experiences, that is why on this occasion we will share a series of tools or Widgets that can be installed to improve the website of any brand or company offering a better experience to visitors.

The widgets that can help improve the website

If what a brand or business is looking for is to improve the website where it has already invested time and money, these are the website widgets that will possibly help drive it and achieve better results:


For businesses or brands that seek to improve the website by making it more attractive, Disqus is positioned as a good option to implement.

For example, if your website has a blog, this can be a great platform for people to share their thoughts, opinions and provide valuable information and for communication to flow bi-directionally.

Adding this tool also provides appropriate management functions to monitor and respond to all the interaction that is generated.


Making the content you publish on the site easier to share is an action that cannot be missed if you are looking to improve the website in terms of visibility or scope.

Remember that it is important to find ways for people to reach this space in the digital world, and one of the best signatures to achieve it is by leveraging a Widget like AddThis, which can serve to motivate people to share the content with their friends, family, acquaintances, collaborators, etc. In social networks.

With AddThis you can connect more than 200 social networks with the share button offered by its widget. It emphasizes that all the buttons are mobile-friendly and can be customized, so regardless of the type of design on the website, this tool can be integrated without being intrusive or buy with the dynamics of the site.


Another good way to improve the website and the business, in general, is to leverage the power of email marketing. With that in mind, a widget that helps meet this task cannot be missing.

Collecting emails and growing the contact list is a priority for every website, especially for those who have a blog, with e-commerce sites or personal sites.

The MailChimp widget can be effective for collecting emails from visitors to the site as it allows you to place registration forms strategically. It is compatible with WordPress, Jimdo, Weebly, Blogger, and Blogspot. The only detail is that you must be a user of their email marketing platform to take advantage of it.


As a seventh widget recommended to improve the website is this that may also be suitable for email, although it has benefits that go beyond.

One of them is that it has a widget and contact that can be used for contact forms that are completely customized. This makes it easier for site visitors to communicate with the business and provide feedback.

This tool also has exit surveys, satisfaction surveys, and market research.

Finally, it can be integrated with MailChimp, Mailer, and HubSpot.

Create surveys, invitations, contact forms, records, and payment information. The only thing the administrator must do is create any of the materials using the construction interface and then embed that material on the website.

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