11 Tips For Safe Shopping On Cyber ​​Monday 2020

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The upcoming event, the Cyber Monday in Chile is about to come and people have started making their list. If you too want to make the most out of this event and buy things online, this should help you make your experience safe and secure.

And, according to the figures, each year the interest in taking part in this type of promotion increases in Chile. In fact, last year's version left, among other numbers, sales of more than 230 million dollars and participation of more than 40% in relation to the 2018 edition.

However, online fraud cases are getting high as well. In this sense, the executive shared some recommendations on this matter to make the experience safer:

Attention to the tempting offers you receive.

Hackers often take advantage of this type of event to put into practice their cyber deceptions, which can take place through mass emails with supposed offers that are sent by robots to thousands of users.

Likewise, it is necessary to be wary of the links or banners contained in these e-mails. Factors such as curiosity and ambition, stimulated by an attractive promotion or discount, can sometimes facilitate the fact that a user is the victim of a hacker.

The website.

Make sure you correctly type the address of the website or Internet portal where you will make the purchase. When you are on the order screen, check that the website address begins with https. Also, check if a small closed padlock symbol appears at the bottom right of the screen or at the top of your browser. In general, every individual shopping online should make sure that the website is known or reputable.

Use a secure connection to the Internet.

You can use your home Internet connection, as long as it is protected with a password, that of your mobile phone if you have a plan or that of your office. Never use for transactions those for public use such as coffee or restaurant.

Use only your equipment.

Never make purchases from a PC that is for public use (for example, from an internet cafe) or that belongs to a person you do not trust. It is best to buy using your personal laptop or smartphone.

Give only the necessary data.

When carrying out an online transaction, only enter the personal data necessary for that operation and no others.

Virtual keyboard.

If the web page where you are buying is completely trustworthy and has the virtual keyboard option, use it in order to avoid data leakage in case your computer has a spy virus.


Use strong passwords that are difficult to crack or guess. To do this, it must incorporate uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, use different passwords, but easy for you to remember. And don't forget to keep your passwords safe.

Always use antimalware.

Having a recognized brand software that protects the information on your computer or mobile device should be understood as an investment and not as an expense. Also, it is important to ensure that the version of the installed antimalware is up to date.

Check the movements of your bank account.

If you made purchases online, immediately check the movements of your checking account or charges to your credit card, associated with such transactions.

Find out about privacy and return policies.

Making a purchase online can be fun and fast, but it is your obligation as a customer to know from the beginning the privacy terms and conditions for returns from the site where you purchased a product or service.

Never save your credit card details on shopping sites.

When making purchases on certain sites, they offer the option of saving your credit card numbers. However, avoid saving such data and only have to enter it to make each purchase.

So, these are safety tips that you must follow on Cyber Monday Chile 2020. We hope that our readers would find this article helpful.

Make sure to drop your comments below. We would be happy to hear from you and bring better tips and information.

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