The 5 Mistakes We All Make With Our Perfume

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At present, perfumery is a sector which has developed considerably. Almost everyone has a fragrance in their bathroom. However, a good perfume is an art in its own right and there are certain mistakes to avoid if you want to achieve the desired result… But how do you go about smelling good all day long and not making mistakes? Here are a few tips that you might find useful ...

Do not test your perfume before buying it

The first thing to know is that a perfume reacts differently from one skin to another. Indeed, the same fragrance will absolutely not have the same scent from one individual to another. This is related to the pH of your epidermis.

What's more, the acidity of your skin tends to cause the scent to evolve differently over the hours. To make sure you choose the right fragrance before buying it, it is essential to apply a few drops to your skin and see how the formula adapts over time.

Not choosing the right concentration of perfume

You have also undoubtedly noticed that there are several types of perfumes. Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, Eau de Cologne,… These different names indicate whether the fragrance is more or less concentrated in the fragrant formula. The Eaux de Cologne has a very fine and light scent. On the other hand, they tend to lack tenacity. The Eaux de toilette is a little more concentrated.

They are fresh and very suitable for the summer season. The Eaux de Parfum is even more sustained and hold up very well over time. Finally, the more expensive Perfume Extracts are much more tenacious and generally suitable for special occasions.

Not spraying your perfume in the right place

Now that you have chosen your perfume, you still need to spray it in the right place. The idea is to choose strategic areas of your body, such as the pulse points. These are the naturally warmer areas of your body such as your wrists, the back of your ears or the crook of your neck. The heat tends to multiply the power of the fragrance.

Rubbing wrists

You have undoubtedly seen it many times on television: rubbing your wrists after having applied its perfume immediately gives a very chic air! Big mistake!

By rubbing your wrists, you release enzymes that tend to alter the scent of the perfume. Better to simply spray your fragrance directly on your skin or on your clothes and let it evaporate whenever you want.

Store your perfume in the bathroom

Finally, even if it makes perfect sense to store your perfume in the bathroom, be aware that it is not recommended. The perfume does not like the humid atmosphere, light, and too high temperatures. In other words, a bathroom meets all the conditions to alter its scent. Better to store a perfume bottle in a room.

Likewise, it is recommended to keep its original cardboard box to put it inside. Thus, the light rays do not come to alter your essence. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of its bottle once it is empty!

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