The Best Countries To Live In: 6 Ideal Destinations To Move To

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There are many reasons to look for a new home. Studying and working abroad is one of them and, most probably, the best of them all. Not only would you change of scenery, you would also give up a stressful job to start from scratch in something better.

Because why move around the corner when you have a whole planet to choose from? We know there are a lot of destinations to choose from and it can be overwhelming, but don't be discouraged! Now you are going to know the best countries to live in, find out what they are and make your choice!

1. Finland

Finland, located east of Sweden, enjoys one of the best education systems on the planet. In addition, gender equality is another feature that makes it an advanced nation in terms of social and economic development.

If for you the cold, snowy, and humid climate has its charm, this place is propitious. In summer, the temperature does not exceed 17 °C. Meanwhile, in winter, the temperature can drop as low as -3 °C.

2. Australia

Far from everything, but where you find everything, we have Australia. The home of kangaroos and koalas has gained much relevance and has become a favorite destination to live, study and work because opportunities abound.

Australia's cities are cosmopolitan at their most cosmopolitan. Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay are the metropolises that most welcome people from different parts of the world, as they are the most open-minded societies. Not to mention the natural landscapes, beaches, and sports. It simply has it all.

And to see it for yourself, there is nothing better than studying English in Australia as the perfect pretext to move to Australia. Or better yet, make a career and stay and work.

3. Germany

The financial epicenter of Europe could not be missing when looking for the best country to live in. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But it is also necessary to highlight the great economic, educational, and social development.

The high investment in health is another indicator of the high quality of life in the land of the Oktoberfest. In addition, the high historical burden is one of its main attractions, but also its modernity and its climate, for lovers of temperate cold.

4. Vietnam

Now we move to the Asian continent. Vietnam has managed to climb among the best countries to live, due to its great openness to foreigners, job satisfaction, and personal and professional balance.

Not to mention the warm climate, the friendly people, and the proximity to other countries equally attractive for their beaches and culture such as Indonesia and the Philippines. All this makes it one of the best destinations to emigrate to Asia.

5. Canada

And if you go further north, you will find Canada, a boom in terms of migration because its policies of openness to foreigners to reside are currently gaining much visibility. It is the second-largest country in the world (after Russia and Antarctica) and one of the most peaceful lands on the planet.

The mecca of winter sports can also boast one of the best educational systems, a powerful attraction to study and work, or better yet, to move to permanently.

Life in Canada is ideal if you are looking to be surrounded by nature and modern cities like Toronto and Vancouver. There is a lot to see in Canada. And here are some great options for you to take advantage of all that this country has to offer, don't forget to fill in your details!

6. Spain

Living in Spain is another great alternative if you do not want to have problems with the language. The climate is pleasant and varied, its multicultural cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and the great public health system are just some of the many reasons to love Spain.

Study and work opportunities are not lacking either. In fact, many foreign students choose it for its prestigious universities. Nor should we fail to mention Spain's great gastronomy, its customs, the enchanting landscapes, and the hospitality of its people. There is simply everything.

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