The Different Ways to Reside in Spain

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Many are the people who for different reasons want to start a new life and wish to do so in Spain. If that is your case, then this article interests you.

In this post, we will explain in detail everything you need to know. We will discuss the different alternatives to be able to reside in Spain and the requirements for each of them.

Residence permit

It is essential to make two distinctions:

  • If you are a citizen of a member country of the European Economic Union, the European Union or Switzerland, you will not need a residence permit, just your Identification Number (NIE) and the EU registration certificate.
  • In the event of not belonging to any of the above cases, it will be necessary to apply for a residence card to be able to live and work legally in Spain.

Temporary permits and visas

Let us now explore in more detail the different residency options that any non-European citizen has.

  • Student visa, if you are interested in studying or researching in Spain, with this visa you will be able to do so, it also authorizes you to work and carry out paid internships at the same time as you study. Another benefit that this permit offers you is that you will be able to access a work visa without any other requirement.
  • Residence permit for entrepreneurs who present innovative projects and also for those who intend to establish a business of a more conventional nature.
  • Investor visa. This type of permit is very simple and quick to obtain. The only requirement for this is to invest five hundred thousand euros in the Spanish real estate market and you already have it.
  • A family member of a community member. It is a very simple process by which an EU citizen can bring his partner and first-degree descendants from outside the European Union to live with him to Spain.
  • Leave for marriage or domestic partnership. Continuing with the thread of the previous point, marrying a Spanish citizen (or an EU citizen) will help you to get your papers easily. You can also achieve it as a de facto couple.
  • Work leave. Depending on your circumstances and the type of offer you have, there are different kinds of work permits (such as highly qualified workers, regular work permits, and European Union blue cards).
  • Non lucrative visa. You just have to have private health insurance and have sufficient and demonstrable financial funds (at least 26,000 euros) to be able to obtain this visa. As simple as that! You can easily get non lucrative visa Spain UK meeting the basic terms and live there.

Regarding the permanent residence permit

Undoubtedly, permanent residence is the gateway to Spanish citizenship, and that there are many advantages:

  • You can work as a freelancer or as an employee
  • It is no longer essential to demonstrate that you have the financial means to reside indefinitely in Spain.
  • You will be able to regroup not only your spouse and descendants but also your parents over 65 years of age.
  • Even if you lose it, it is possible to get it back without making a new request.
  • The first time, it is possible to process it electronically.

The requirements to achieve long-term residence are really easy to meet, with your passport, current permit, and the appropriate form you will obtain it.

However, although we have mentioned previously that you must have lived in the country for 5 years, it must be borne in mind that in some cases, depending on the permit you have, it will be necessary for you to live more than 5 years to be able to obtain legal residence and indefinite since not all years count the same.

  • Only each year lived under the non-lucrative or investor visa counts as one.
  • In the case of the EU blue card, each of the years of residence in any other European country also counts as one, as long as during the last 2 years before applying for the permanent you have been residing in Spanish territory.
  • The years lived in Spain with the student visa count half for the calculation of permanent residence, since the student visa is an authorization to live in Spain while studying, it is not a residence permit as such.

Finally, indicate that it is advisable to start the application procedure for long-term residence 60 days before your current permit expires. Be aware that bureaucracy can be slow at times and paperwork may not go as fast as you expect.

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