7 Reasons Why Coloring Pages Are Good for Your Child

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Coloring pictures are fun for most children and are a good pastime on rainy days. The free painting of pictures is perceived as positive by parents, but when coloring in coloring pages the opinions differ.

In this article, you will find out why coloring pages keep your child busy, have a positive effect on your child and what they already have to do with school. We also give you ideas on what you can do with the many works of art.

7 reasons why coloring pages are good for your child and what they have to do with school

1. Even if you don't think about it yet, coloring pages are good preparation for learning to write later in school. 

2. Your child practices the correct pen position, this helps to guide the pen loosely. Children quickly lose their desire to paint and learn to write later when their hands are tense and painful. If it has learned the correct pen position, it will enjoy learning to write in the 1st class.

3. Painting within a limit is not easy at first, the more your child tries learns to guide his hand so that he doesn't paint. And without your child noticing, he practices fine motor skills and eye and hand coordination. What will benefit him at school when your child starts writing and is about writing the numbers and letters within lines.

4. Before your child starts to paint, they think about the colors they choose and the aesthetics. Besides, it gets to know the different colors that are available. Your child imagines the image in imagination and starts thinking creatively.

5. Most of the time, children are preoccupied with the picture when coloring in, which gives you time to do things. So it's a rewarding activity on rainy afternoons. Without realizing it, your child will practice concentrating, as well as perseverance and patience. Whether your kids fill colors in the latest Fortnite pictures or an old house, that would help them grow.

6. Coloring is very relaxing for your child and for you. Simply color in coloring pages with your child after a turbulent day, whether it's a crèche / kindergarten or at work. You will see it really wonderfully comforting, fun and you have a valuable quality time together.

7. From a certain age, children are interested in coloring in the pictures from the coloring books. You use the pictures as a template and start drawing freely. Your child begins to think about what else he wants to draw on his picture and is creative himself.

Why you should promote coloring pages activity in your children:

Coloring pages are a useful activity for your child, they also encourage:

  • Patience
  • Endurance
  • Concentration
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Fine motor skills

The painting also trains the hand muscles and the correct posture. Your child will benefit from all of these skills later when they start school. Learning to write, in particular, requires fine motor skills, flexible fingers, and the correct pen position.

Your child can only enjoy it if the wrist remains loose and does not get cramped when learning to write and color!

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