The 5 Best Fun Things To Do With Your Friends at Home

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If your friends have to go home for a night or weekend, you can be nervous about the most appropriate and fun activities to do at home. You may have had a great time the last time you visited your friends, and only you know well that you cannot afford to let them down.

To organize something that everyone enjoys, you must be creative, especially if you don't want to copy what any of your friends have done before. To give you some excellent ideas, check out these fun things at home to have fun with friends.

1. Poker Night

Poker can be a lot of fun if you have a group of six or more friends that go to your house. You will need a pack of cards, chips and a poker table to do it.

You and your friends should obviously learn the rules before poker night, which is easy if you have enough time to prepare. Search on google if you still don't know the values ​​of the hands, the rules and the flow of bet and the usual tag of home poker.

You will also need many snacks and drinks for the group, but if you are short of money, ask them to bring a pack of six beers each and some snacks to pass by the table. Remember to also have non-alcoholic beverages for abstemious and designated drivers.

Make the night more interesting by assigning value to the chips to promote competitiveness, but make it simple to ensure that it is a fun night and not a bookmaker. Do not forget to create the right atmosphere by putting classical jazz music in the background and acting as if you were playing for large sums of money.

2. Karaoke Night

If you want a noisy and fun night with your friends, celebrate a karaoke party in the lounge. You will only need two microphones, a good sound system, a decent list of songs, snacks and lots of drinks.

Even if you don't have a karaoke machine, you can easily get the same experience with PlayStation, Xbox or Wii consoles. At a minimum, you can still have fun using song lists and karaoke software available for free through a laptop or digital television.

Most people are afraid to speak in public and would not even dream of holding a microphone to speak to strangers, let alone sing in front of everyone. However, when you are among friends and family it is a perfect environment to make even your quietest friends sing until you lose heart.

3. Sports Party

If you and your friends are fond of sports, you can have a lot of fun celebrating a sports party. You will need a decent television to have the best experience as a spectator, enough space for guests and plenty of food and drink to offer before, during and after the game.

In order to ensure maximum emotion, plan the party around a crucial party and send invitations in advance to encourage attendance. Advertise by decorating the invitation cards and your home with the badges of the equipment at stake, but as a host try to remain as neutral as possible to keep the peace, and be kind to the guests.

A sports party is a good choice for the entertainment of the whole family and, with different sports available throughout the year, it is easy to find an exciting game. Do not forget to request the confirmation of your guests' assistance to ensure that food is not wasted and, if you are a little short of money, do not be afraid to ask them to contribute.

4. Movie Night

Movie nights are the cheapest and simplest parties to celebrate because you only need snacks, drinks, good movies, and television. You can improve the experience if you have a movie theater with large and comfortable seating space and a projector.

A fun movie night is based mostly on the choice of the movie rather than anything else. To help you make the best decision, consult widely among the guests and do not worry about seeing something that everyone has already seen, a completely new movie or something in between.

As a host, he assumes responsibility for seeking the film's rating in order to determine what is most appropriate for everyone. However, keep this tip in mind: have additional titles to serve as plan B, because a movie night for boys can quickly become a movie night for girls, mixed company or a party for the whole family, depending on who appears.

5. Dinner Party

Traditionally, a dinner party is among the most common fun things to do with friends at home, so don't be afraid to hold one. However, it doesn't have to be boring, since there are many things you can do to make sure dinner is fun.

For beginners, prepare a tasty recipe for dinner if you are planning to cook, order food from a restaurant or have a chef prepare food in your kitchen. Sharing good food and wine is a sure way to encourage conversations around the table and leave a good impression.

Do not forget to decorate the house with good decoration for dinner, plus exquisite sets of dishes can also help create an unforgettable night. You can also stimulate a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere by choosing the appropriate background music for the event.

However, do not worry unnecessarily if everything is not perfect, because a normal meal is a feast among friends. 

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