How to Get Better Ranking in League of Legends Quickly

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Climbing fast to level 30 is what most new League of Legends players are after. Many of them get stuck due to the ignorance of some game modes. That's why we bring tips and tricks to gain more experience in less time at LOL.

Currently, level 30 is the highest in League of Legends, the maximum you can reach. This is why many players want to get there as soon as possible, sometimes resorting to clearly illegal methods. The in-game ban rate is through the roof, so today we bring you some tips and tricks for fast leveling up in LOL legally.

Obviously, if you are an experienced player, some may sound too obvious to you. Keep in mind that new players are constantly coming to the world's most-played Freeplay, a MOBA that is marking an era thanks to its popularity. These newbies want to gain more experience faster in LOL, although sometimes they do not finish hitting the key.

There are game modes that may go unnoticed at first. PvP is the most played and the one with the most experience points, but it has its drawbacks.

As in other very fashionable games, such as Dota 2, the developer company constantly introduces updates, DLC, and rebalances in statistics that close all possible ways to cheat and resort to League of Legends cheats. In the end, all that remains is to arm yourself with patience and sometimes take out your wallet. 

Playing against bots, the best way to level up quickly in LOL

In this game, multi-accounts are totally prohibited and if they realize that you connect with more than one, you will be automatically banned. You can't farm unless you want to risk expulsion.

That's why in this League of Legends guide we focus on all those who have just arrived and want to gain more experience with their main account. For them, the fastest method is to play games against bots until they reach level 30.

Yes, you are probably thinking "that's very boring", and you're right but don't want to reach LOL level 30 fast? Well, this is the way to get it. PvP games against human players give more experience, but you are also more likely to end up losing enough of them. Against the AI ​​of the game is different, and with a little practice, you will start to win games like churros.

Therefore, it is recommended that you follow the following scheme in your games against bots. So that you do not despair losing against the machine, select the following difficulties depending on your level:

  • Level 1 to 10: games against beginner bots
  • From level 10 to 20: games against intermediate bots
  • Level 20-30: Matches against normal bots

Obviously, playing against AI is more boring than playing against real players. It is more predictable and you learn less, but you can level off much faster with less risk. When we said that you had to be patient, we were saying it for something.

The advantage of training against bots in League of Legends is that the games are fast and that in the long run, it is more profitable. You will not waste many minutes playing a game that in the end, you lose and for which you receive 0 XP. Here you always have to win.

ARAM games, the fast and fun way to gain more experience in League of Legends

The evolution of this game has followed a curious path. It is what it has to have millions of players around the world, which many times the community thinks faster than the company behind the title. So a few years ago gamers invented a custom game mode.

Its name is ARAM, an acronym for All Random All Mid. These games consist of balancing the level of the players and selecting the hero at random from the pool that they all have. They quickly gained in popularity, becoming a success until Riot was forced to make it an official game mode.

The advantage of ARAM games is that they are fast, fun, and give a good amount of experience to help you quickly climb to level 30 in LOL. They have no lane or jungling phase, so it goes directly to combat in the center of the map. This accelerates the outcome of the game and therefore the distribution of XP.

Buying upgrades is a good investment

Upgrades are an easier way to upgrade, although you'll have to open your pocket and pay for Riots Points if you want to get this advantage. You can take advantage of the offers that Riot takes out in a timely manner to buy more in-game coins at a better price. If you want to go aftermarket, you can buy some precious things. You can go for League of Legends boosting to get higher Elo ranking, so you can enjoy higher ranking matches and other things.

The experience upgrade is the one that interests you the most and is that with it you can multiply the XP you get for each victory against bots. If you want to climb fast, it is the best way to do it.

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