How to Care for Your Silver and Gold Jewelry?

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The cleaning and maintenance of silver and gold jewellery is a very important aspect to keep in mind when buying a jewel since being a small and fragile object requires specific care and precautions.

With the arrival of good weather, we make more plans away from home, we go to the beach, pool, mountain, etc. It is hotter, we sweat... In short, many factors that change our routine, and during this time of year, we tend to not care a little about taking care of our silver and gold jewelry.

We must bear in mind that they are elements that we carry with us, exposed to our rhythm, our movements, air and humidity, environmental dust, rain, the occasional blow, friction, the sweat of our skin. Whether it is your sliver ear cuff or gold ring, it is evident that eventually ( and especially in jewelry for daily use) will need some extra care from specialists.

This type of care can be: from a polishing, to once again rhodium plating the white gold jewels, checking the nailing of the precious stones, or simply doing a thorough cleaning with ultrasound or the polishing drum.

Some of the common questions our clients ask when they buy one of our handmade jewels are: Can I take a shower with the jewel? Can I keep the jewel in the jeweler with the rest of the jewellery? Or simply, how can I take care of the silver and gold jewel so that it lasts longer?

We always recommend the following care for your silver and gold jewelry, in this way we can postpone in time the small restorations necessary throughout the life of our special jewel.

Take off the jewelry before going to sleep: Although sometimes we go to the practical (or laziness beats us) we must always remember to take off the jewelry before going to sleep. Store them lovingly in a place away from moisture and avoiding that they collide or rub each other.

Do not shower or bathe with the jewelry on: It is very important not to get wet with the jewelry on because moisture and hygiene products can oxidize or damage the surface of the jewelry. Like the saltpeter of the sea, the chlorine in swimming pools.

For this same reason, it is advisable to remove rings, wedding rings, bracelets, and bracelets when washing your hands, washing dishes, cooking... We know that many times we forget, so in the case of showering or soaking with our jewelry on, the correct thing will be to rinse them well with fresh water to remove traces of salt, chlorine, sand, soaps, creams, etc. Then try to dry them well with a soft cloth, avoiding oxidation.

Avoid contact with cosmetic products: Another important factor to consider is the use of cosmetic products. Creams and makeups may contain oils, which together with our sweat are responsible for many premature oxidations of silver jewelry. The ideal thing to wear very beautiful and shiny jewelry is to put them on after applying makeup, use creams or perfumes and colognes.

Fragrance colognes or vaporizers can be very corrosive, especially if they come into contact with pearls or porous gems, such as turquoise, as they cause irreparable damage to their surface.

Avoid contact with mercury: This last point may sound silly, but you would hallucinate with the number of times it has happened... And it is that we must avoid contact of mercury with gold jewelry, since mercury acts as an acid attacking this metal, leaving it silver and brittle.

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