What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hairstyle?

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The key to a stylish hairstyle is correctly selected and designed haircut. Before signing up for a procedure in a beauty salon, it is important to choose the right one, because this will determine what impression your appearance will have on people. An option is selected taking into account the characteristics of the hair and face.

And if you're completely don't know what suits you best, it suggested to you choose a good hair salon like Touched by an angel hair salon to get the best hair cut suggestions and work. There are certain models that are not suitable for elastic, dense hair. If they are thin, it is recommended to add volume to the hair, for example, to make a fluffy bob haircut in the salon. It can be achieved by thinning the strands. Naughty curls are laid in an elongated hairstyle.

Face shape

Stylists claim that the owners of the oval are lucky. She is recognized as ideal, any styling suits her. Other variations are only trying to approximate an oval shape.


Chubby girls are suitable for options that have a contour expanding upward. The main task of this technique is to visually draw out the features. At the top of the head, the strands are slightly raised, they are left a little on the sides.

Asymmetry also looks good when the curls are combed to one side, side parting, or uneven bangs are made.


Asymmetric styling also goes to the square. With the help of hair, the forehead line is visually made higher. Large curled curls, side partings, slightly open ears are appropriate. Do not hide your forehead behind bangs. Also, experts advise to abandon symmetry and combing hair from the face.


The experts from the salon of women's haircuts recommend to choose the following styling: options with a brace, straight long (not short) bangs, strands should not be combed back. Models with curly strands on the crown look stylish. The widest part of the styling should be at ear level.


A hairstyle that covers the ears is suitable for this form. You can make thick bangs up to the eyebrows. Avoid straightening curls, vertical lines, and long hair, they should frame the face. The price of a woman's haircut in the salon is influenced by the complexity and volume of the master's work.


Lush bangs are chosen if the nose is long. Don't style your hair too smoothly. In case the nose is turned up, it is appropriate to comb the strands back. For girls with a small nose, we advise you to give up bangs and make styling with small curls.


If the eyes are set wide apart, tuck the strands over the forehead in a wave and slightly lift. They should look like bangs that extend over the forehead. It is appropriate to cover a long neck. Close-set eyes are a sign that you need to raise your hair, demonstrate splendor at the temples. In this case, it is appropriate to spread the side curls along the cheeks.

It is recommended to open the short neck. Cover large ears to the middle. Voluminous styling does not suit undersized young ladies, but on the contrary, it is better to give volume to tall ones.

To find out how much a haircut costs in a beauty salon, first evaluate the shape of your face and then choose a future hairstyle. A competent approach will visually correct the features, make you attractive.

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