Why Choose a Modern Kitchen?

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Both right in time, with its technological innovations and its latest decorative trends, and timeless with its sober and refined sides, the modern kitchen is invited in stylish homes as in contemporary interiors. Friendly, refined, and functional, it displays a linear design, quality materials, and a fluid layout. Discover one of the most popular and beloved types of cuisine.

What is a modern kitchen?

Open to the living space, the modern kitchen is distinguished by a layout with clean and sober lines. It includes storage and storage units in geometric shapes, trendy and innovative household appliances, and often a central island that becomes a dining area, bar area or worktop and cooking area. She advocates a fluid and functional layout for a most enriching cooking experience.

Smooth, shiny cabinet fronts are usually devoid of handles to reinforce the linear, measured decor. The handles, when they are present, are ultra design. They bring real added value to the furniture.

The criteria for choosing your kitchen

Apart from the size of the room and the budget, two essential criteria, other points should be reviewed before choosing a modern kitchen.

What is the general atmosphere of your home, the dining room or the living room... or the one you would like to have in the case of a construction? If your universe is more contemporary and design, the idea is suitable. If, on the contrary, it is more rustic, classic, or exotic, you may have to opt for another style of kitchen, unless you play on the contrast.

What subjects do you like? Some of your needs and your lifestyle may influence the choice of materials, for their practicality, resistance, etc.

Which layout do you prefer: kitchen opens to the living space, closed or semi-open?

Are you sensitive to innovations, the latest trends...?

Keep in mind that the modern kitchen is friendly, functional, and innovative. There are plenty of manufacturers of quality kitchens in Boksburg. You just have to wonder about the type of formula ( kitchen kit or ready-to-install), the color, and the decoration.

The modern white kitchen: between elegance and light

On the trendy side, white, black, and gray colors take their place on the modern kitchen podium. They invest in the walls, furniture, household appliances... and come in textures, reliefs, or shades (dark wood, lacquered black, 3D white earthenware...).

Sober, chic, and refined, the modern white kitchen is a sure bet, timeless and timeless. It invites itself in all universes and is easily associated with other shades and other atmospheres. It leaves an impression of order, cleanliness, and calm.

Modern designer kitchen or modern wooden kitchen?

The purity of design

The modern design kitchen puts everything on linearity, sobriety, and brightness. For example, it presents elements with shiny facades, a glass or stainless steel splashback, clear tiling... which reflect the light.

It is made up of different, distinct spaces which all have their own function: the worktop, the cooking area, the cold area with the fridge, storage, the dining area... Often the central island helps to delimit the spaces. universe.

The modern design kitchen gives pride of place to metal, glass, concrete or stone.

The charm of wood

Authentic and warm, wood underlines and accentuates the friendly and warm side of modern cuisine. Light or dark in color, it is never "raw", as in a rustic or industrial kitchen, but worked.

You will thus find a whole range of very realistic imitation wood finishes thanks to the latest innovations both from an aesthetic point of view and from a sensory point of view. Storage, credenza, plan... the wood in a modern kitchen is chosen by touches in association with tiles, metal or glass, or in total look.

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