Different Ways to Get Contract Phones With Bad Credit

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A good mobile device and a suitable mobile phone tariff are not only the indispensable prerequisites for staying in touch while on the move, but have a major impact on our everyday life, including job opportunities. Negative credit entries should not stand in the way of you.

If you have a negative credit rating, many dealers react skeptically at first. We will show you general options on how you can conclude a mobile phone contract on the mobile phone market despite having a bad credit history.

Option 1: Cash payment

The easiest way to get a new cell phone is to pay for it in cash in the shop because this way there is no check at all. The catch is that contract phones are usually cheaper. If you buy a device in a store, you have a cell phone, but you still do not have a cell phone contract and cannot use the functions of your cell phone. So after buying you have to think about how to get a mobile phone contract.

Option 2: Bad credit mobile phones with a deposit

With this contract model, it is agreed in advance that you deposit a certain amount with the provider before you can use the services agreed in the contract. This amount is used as security in the event that you cannot pay the outstanding amount, such as a home security deposit. So you transfer this sum and get it back when you have made all the contractually agreed payments, and get bad credit mobile phones within this plan. However, you may need to spend a good time finding such a provider.

For bad credit mobile phones, there are limited providers, therefore, we recommend you to visit https://www.yesphones.co.uk/. There, you can enter your details, so this team can help you with available options and notify you of the best contract phone deals with no credit check.

Option 3: the prepaid contract

If your credit rating is negative, there is another way of getting a mobile phone contract despite having the bad credit, the prepaid procedure. Here you pay in advance for internet services, call volume, and SMS, you can flexibly top up your credit when it is used up.

Option 4: SIM Only - The inexpensive option for those having a credit score

SIM-Only, the super flexible option - a mobile phone contract without a mobile phone - makes you particularly independent. It doesn't always have to be a mobile phone tariff with an included smartphone. With your handyvertrag.de SIM card and your favorable tariff, you are able to use any smartphone for yourself (the mobile phone must be without a SIM lock).

With most SIM-only tariffs, you receive your SIM card after the successful order including a credit check, simply insert it into your smartphone and you can start calling.

So, these are available options that you can try when you don't have a good credit score. If you find trouble to find the best option, you can reach us through the comment section below. We would be happy to help you further.

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