Large File Transfer: 7 Free Tools for Sending Large Files

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Sending large computer files by email is a headache for many professionals. Indeed, the limit set is 25 MB. Thus, if your file exceeds this size, you will have to find an alternative. Indeed, there are simple and free solutions that can allow you to transfer more than 10 GB. By reading this article, you can discover the top 7 of these tools.

Whether for business or personal, the need to transfer large files can happen. Sharing large videos, working documents, zip archives containing many documents, graphic projects or high definition quality photos is impossible by email. In these situations, resorting to heavy file transfer tools is the only solution. One of the major advantages that most of these platforms offer is free. Better, on some, you do not have to register before sending!

1. Smash: free for heavy file transfer

Smash is a completely free large file transfer tool. Its particularity is that it has no weight limit. It is fully secure and enjoys positive reviews from many users. The files are deleted after a week. Better, Smash doesn't overwhelm you with ads.

WeTransfer: the most famous tool for sending large files by email

WeTransfer is very popular because it is easy and simple to use. On the other hand, the size of files to be transferred is limited to 2 GB. This is more than enough for the majority of users of this type of service. Once your files have been sent, you will receive a confirmation message. The files are deleted after a week.

2. MeeroDrop

MeeroDrop can be used without registration. It is one of the best tools for transferring very large files for free. Its transfer capacity is 10 GB. It is the ultimate creative sharing tool (heavy images in tiff format, video montages, photoshop working documents, etc.). Thanks to its Drop service, it allows exchanges and management of your projects with the possibility of previewing by the various stakeholders before downloading.

3. pCloud: the encrypted and secure storage space

You can send large files through the pCloud platform without registration. It is one of the most popular large file transfer platforms. It is completely free and can transfer files with a capacity of 5 GB with encrypted and secure sending. You can instantly send large files to 10 recipients at a time using pCloud.

4. Send Anywhere: easy to use sharing service

With Send Anywhere, you can send large files up to 4 GB in size. Send Anywhere allows you to send the link of your large files as a QR Code. This service is very suitable for mobile use. It is very practical in a professional context. The expiration time of your files is up to 7 days.

5. TransferNow: solution for sending large files by email

With the creation of a free account on TransferNow, you can benefit from its large file sharing service. It has a capacity of 4 to 5 GB and the service is completely free. This is more than enough for most users. The expiration date of your files is also customizable as with Framadrop. However, it can range from 24 hours to 14 days

6. Filemail: sending up to 5GB in complete security

Filemail is the solution for sending large files. With Filemail, you can reach a capacity of 5GB for free. You also have the possibility to upload file and send a complete file to several recipients. The expiration period of your files on Filemail is 7 days.

7. Sendbox

Sendbox has a limit of 3 GB. With this platform, you have a double level of security. You can lock the file when sending it with a password. Without it, the recipient cannot open it. With Sendbox, you can send sensitive information with complete peace of mind!

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