Reviews are a gift for Brands

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Managing the Amazon platform is not easy. There are many things to be aware of: the content of the product pages, the functioning of the keywords, the advertising campaigns, etc. All this takes a lot of effort and effort and, often, causes other aspects such as the management of reviews and Q & As not to receive the attention they deserve from the manufacturer brands.

The objective of managing the Reviews is to take care of the image of the brand, listen to consumers and develop improvement actions in this regard.

The information that customers provide ranges from complaints about the lack of quality or the malfunction of a product, to comments that convey needs that are not being met. It can be a gold mine of useful information!

Here are five reasons why it is key to try to get reviews and monitor what consumers transmit in them.


Provide better customer service

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of all brands, why? Because this is how you achieve loyalty. Giving the best possible customer service goes hand in hand with this idea. One of the main reasons for the success of many brands on Amazon is that the service they provide, allied with the platform, is really good and effective.

Being attentive to reviews (complaints, doubts or compliments) and answering them quickly and with respect to the client will make clients value their commitment. At the same time, this connection with clients will make them better known and attuned to their true needs.


Make product improvements

If the comments make complaints or evaluations about a product, it should be seen as an opportunity to grow and improve your product. This humble attitude and willingness to listen to customer suggestions undoubtedly makes brands stronger. They can be big changes or small details, but any of them can provide the benefit you need.

The key is not to change things for any random comments read, but for those that are common to many customers. After all, review supervision is a little market research, but it can be very reliable. Before doing a large-scale market research, which is very expensive in time and money, check what you have on hand in Amazon reviews. It can serve as an inspiration for your next steps.


Control the product life cycle

Sometimes it happens that a product appears that revolutionizes a sector and begins to sell like wildfire. Those brands that join the band late because they were still anchored to their products that are now "out of fashion" are in danger of being left behind.

Brands must attentive to the life cycles of their products and be prepared to reinvent themselves or launch new products that meet a real need and differentiate them from their competitors. To do this, the mere fact of reading these comments can help you make the best decision or promote those changes that are needed to control the life cycle of products when they have weakened or have lost strength in the market.


Identify and manage problems effectively

One of the main uses of reviews is the identification of problems that arise, that you do not realize and that can be very detrimental to your sales. Thanks to this space that connects users with manufacturing brands, it is possible to prevent a small problem from becoming a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Complaints are never pleasant, but they can be the solution to your problems, maybe not in the short term, but in the medium-long term. When many consumers complain about similar things, which did not happen before (eg defective packaging, lower quality, etc.) it will encourage you, if you are smart, to correct the problem so that it does not happen again.


Take care of the image and the prestige of the brand

Amazon increasingly monopolizes more users who go to buy all kinds of different products. Being successful on Amazon today does not ensure that it will always be successful. Being up-to-date with your product reviews, on-time delivery, quick problem solving, and response to common suggestions or demands is the key to your reputation and success on Amazon to endure.

All these questions, after all, are directed to the same point: protect the prestige of your brand or increase it. To do this, you have to be vigilant and that customers notice.


Is it really so worth it?

Yes, because part of the sales is also to give the best service that is in your power and try to attend to the true needs of the clients and the problems, of any kind, that may arise.

One of the first things that must be solved is to have reviews, for this, it is necessary to have the retail product ready (detail page with its perfect descriptions, images, A + content and title, have sufficient stock, reasonable price, etc.). Something that also makes a difference is having tools, likevamux, that make it easier for consumers to express their opinions of the product and that automate the process so that brands can obtain information about their products and their brand.

In Amazing | Amazon review Driven Agency, we believe that reviews are an essential part of having the product ready for sale. For this reason, our Retail team, specialized in advice on Amazon, helps customers manage reviews so they can make the best decisions regarding their growth on the platform.

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