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The Bloom Vape has been creating high-quality cannabis products for over a decade now.

The Bloom Vape firm provides a variety of USA-made, high-quality cannabis lifestyle products. Established over ten years now, they are popular for manufacturing pure cannabis oil and extracts with up to 70-80 percent THC with a natural blend of terpenes. Their devices such as Bloom Dart, Bloom One, and Bloom Drop are multipurpose and let consumers to either dab, vape, or use the Oil as an edible. Their products are in brick and mortar shops across Nevada, Washington State, California, and New Mexico. You can Bloom Vape products online on Premiumthcvapes.

Bloom is a brand that gives Cannabis lifestyle products and is based in a city in California. It boasts a notable line of Cannabis Vape Drops, Pens, and several interesting flavors. Their devices and oils are made to be hassle-free and easy to use. Their catalog consists of a Vape Mod, which is sold with a Bloom battery, though it is well-matched with any standard 510 threaded battery with a range of 3.2 to 3.7 volts.

The bloom vape has a charging time of 3-4 hours for a full charge. The cartridges possess 2 sizes – 500mg, which its duration is about 150 puffs and 1g, which and lasts for about 300 puffs. Bloom vape also has an oil applicator called the ‘Bloom Drop,’ which is used to fill dabs, edibles to raise their potency and extend the time the effects last for.

Their Cannabis mining called ‘Bloom Oil’ is a pure, high powerful blend of up to 80 percent THC and 10 percent terpenes with different terpene profiles to pick from. It is free from any other extracts like PG, VG, and Vitamin E acetate. They use a special ethanol-based mining process for their oils. The Oil is triple concentrated and certified by third-party testing facilities (Capna Labs).

Consumers can select a wide range of flavors, based on classic strains of Cannabis, such as Maui Wowie, Champagne Kush and Skywalker. Their products are meant for microdosing fans who appreciate a smooth and safe vaping experience. Their bloom products are available in brick and mortar shops across 4 states now, including – California, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico. 

  • Bloom Vape Cartridges Features:
  • CCELL non-reusable cartridge having Bloom Oil
  • Available in 500mg and 1g sizes
  • Ceramic Heating element for equal heat distribution
  • 80 percent THC and 10 percent terpenes with no other additives (PG, VG, etc.)

Bloom cartridges are CCELL non-reusable cartridges that comprise the Bloom Oil and can be used with the Bloom Vape Pen. These possess large chambers, and more entry points made for equal distribution of the Oil. This ensures an enjoyable vaping experience, and the ceramic heating elements help emit a smooth vapor and a rich, intense flavor. The cartridges are sold in 2 sizes, 500mg and 1g.

The cartridges are available in 11 standard flavors. The Oil has high strength with up to 80 percent THC and 10 percent Terpene content. 

Feel free to buy original and high-quality Bloom Vape products on

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