How to write a proper essay conclusion

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The conclusion is the last paragraph of the paper, but it is important as other sections. It helps the reader reflect on what they have read. Many students often have an issue writing the final paragraph. In some instances, some students will avoid it. Below are five tips that will guide you.


            The essay conclusion follows a specific structure so that the information is clear. You have to include a transition expression which will help the reader know that they are reading the final paragraph. There are a few phrases to conclude an essay such as;

  • To sum up
  • In summary
  • Finally
  • In brief
  • In sum
  • To summarize

The final section should cover the implications and relevance of the findings. If you have issues with coming up with a good final paragraph, then consider buying our custom research papers. We have thousands of samples as well as writing services on demand. You have a guarantee that you will excel in your academic work.

Restate the thesis statement

            An important tip of how to end an essay is restating the thesis statement. It is the first line of the conclusion, and you can paraphrase the thesis in a new manner. It should act as a recap of the central points of the paper. Do not repeat it word for word. Have you ever wondered what a conclusion means? It would be best if you remembered that the final paragraph seeks to make a connection between the major points. Once you have revisited the thesis statement, the rest of the paragraph can cover other details.

Summarize the major arguments

The conclusion paragraph acts as a summary of the main points in the paper. It does not have to include all points, but general information. You can limit the summary to around 50-100 words or more depending on the rest of the sections. If the research is 50 pages, then the ending can be a page or 200 words. If the text is around 300 words, the last section can be 50 or so words. You need to ensure that it is balances with the rest of the research. It should not be the largest paragraph in the complete work. If the process seems difficult, you can pay for an essay from us. You can get a writer to do the entire research or a few parts.

Conclusion Examples

            Writing can be a complex task, and this is where examples can be very handy. It can differ depending on the type of research work. Narrative writing has a different ending in comparison to argumentative research. If it is argumentative research, then the last section should reveal which side you are supporting in the argument. If it is a persuasive paper, then the last section will need a call to action statement. You do not have to restate the entire thesis. You can also get essay conclusion examples online. A good option as you can find samples on different topics like cold war essay, reliable essay writing service which consist of professionals who can help craft the research work. You can also get examples that will inspire you to choose the right ending for your paper.

What to avoid in the conclusion

Before you know how to start a conclusion in an essay, it is imperative to be aware of what you need to avoid. It should not contain new ideas. Instead, you should base it on information that is already provided. The final part should not be very short. It means it has to be more than three sentences. It is also important to avoid any quotes or in-text citations within the final section. You should avoid including any extra information in the final paragraph. If this happens, then the reader might become confused.

The last section is an important part of the paper. It is the last paragraph, and it acts as a summary of the entire paper. The first line should restate the thesis. You can find examples online to guide you. The final section also has to avoid new ideas so that the reader is not confused.

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