Must try restaurants near Pearson airport Toronto

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Haida restaurant is one of the famous restaurants near Pearson airport, in which the quality is astonishing. In Haida, they use fresh and locally sourced ingredients; therefore, mouth-watering food is made and served for you. Moreover, the instant and quick service can surprise you. In addition, this quickness in service includes delivery and catering, too. No matter where they are cooking, they provide tasty pizzas with excellent deals.  Also, the parking lot is available near this place so that you don’t need to search for all the streets. Besides, whenever you doubt Haida, check their website and enjoy the numerous discounts offered there.


Zet’s restaurant

Zet’s is a family-owned restaurant somewhere near Pearson airport. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been serving food for 40 years, and the result of their fabulous and perfect work is the satisfied victims during these 40 years. Moreover, the atmosphere is like a casual family restaurant. Besides, a bunch of dedicated staff is in Zet’s restaurant to assure you of a great dining experience. Furthermore, theZet’s restaurant’s full menu includes a variety of possibilities to satisfy anyone who steps into the restaurant. Also, they offer an all-day breakfast option on their menu that allows customers to pick any item of their diverse menu. Again, the service is so excellent in this restaurant that you would have your order ready in a blink an eye.

Further, the Greek cuisine and fast food can make a massive line up. However, if it takes enduring a huge lineup, then so be it; Afterall, their food is a not- to- miss -for- a world thing. Zet’s restaurant provides the best fries and gravy in all of Toronto. In addition, the fish and chips and burgers are highly recommended. While foods on flights are limited and dull, Zet’s with its generous portions and a television in the place is an excellent backup. For my last word, I should say this place has parking availability and quick cafeteria-style service. Moreover, it’s a cash-only restaurant with authentic and memorable food.




At Smashburger, quality and customer satisfaction the priority. Therefore, they serve the best burgers near Pearson airport. Their burgers are not frozen, and they are handmade with meat. As a result, a delicious burger that stands alone in taste, texture, and juiciness is perfectly made by skilled chefs. In addition, you can add butter-toasted artisan buns, real cheeses, freshly chopped produce, and robust sauces, and then you will get a burger with no comparison.


Their recipes range from traditional to food-forward, with modern takes for those looking to discover new burger tastes.  Moreover, their menu variety continues with chicken in two ways (grilled and crispy) and black bean burgers. They also offer entrée salads.


Furthermore, their array of savory sides, including their signature rosemary, garlic & olive oil Smash Fries, hand-spun milkshakes made with Haagen-Dazs ice cream, ice-cold Coca-Cola fountain beverages, and a variety of bottled beers (at most locations) round out the menu. This makes Smashburger a perfect choice for any occasion.

Wahl burgers

Wahl burger is a family-owned restaurant where items on their menu are based on the same recipes Paul, the manager, and his eight siblings devoured as kids. This idea is so tempting that it’s good to know this place is near Pearson airport. Moreover, the recipe that the manager and his eight siblings devoured is now mixed in a chef-inspired twist. They are incredibly committed to using the freshest locally sourced ingredients in every recipe. As a result, their fries with their delicious sauce can make you addicted and craving for more. Also, their meals are made on the premises from scratch by experienced cooks in their kitchen. In fact, they also add extra unique flavor, which is pride and love. Again, when you visit the restaurant, trying the mouth-watering burger and tasty salad is a must that you cannot miss. In Wahl burgers, there are choices for hearty eaters, picky eaters, carnivores, and vegetarians. Besides, they have gigantic food trucks in Boston, Detroit, Palo Alto, if you want them to cater to your events.


Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill is a family-owned restaurant around Pearson Airport. This “Home-style” restaurant was established in 2003 by a noble and passionate family. Moreover, a relaxed, clean, and friendly atmosphere with delicious foods have supported this restaurant’s reputation all these years; therefore, it unquestionably is a must-try place. Another reason for trying this place is its freshly and warm cooked food. Ronnie’s oldest daughter's dessert menu is because of the love she has for baking cakes, making her a winner with several awards in her specialty.

Further, they serve various kinds of pancakes and omelets for breakfast. Additionally, the vegetable omelet is something hard to turn a blind eye on. Therefore, it is obvious that Sunset Grill has various menu and a wide variety of dessert selections. Also, this place’s menu for breakfast is not finished here. They provide eggs, toasts, cheese, and mushrooms- you can make your omelets. In addition, Sunset Grill serves lunch, soup and salad, appetizer and dinner, and breakfast. Also, they can cater to your events if you want them to!

Pho Ngoc Yen restaurant

Pho Ngoc Yen restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant that is decorated traditionally by using warm colors. In addition, the air in this restaurant is filled with music and joy. Moreover, in this restaurant, they use proper timing to marinate and simmer; therefore, authentic food is offered in this restaurant. Their food is meticulously prepared, properly inspected, and approved by the exclusive chef. Also, a varied selection of beverages is provided along with the perfect instant service. Besides, they have many dishes from the Vietnam countryside, which is not regularly found in other Vietnamese restaurants. Actually, their specialty is pho, a famous beef noodle shop. They have the best Vietnamese grilled meats, served with rice or vermicelli. Another mentioned food is ben bo hue, which is spicy, flavorful beef, and pork noodle shop.

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