Logic Pro Mac 10.4 Free Download [Full Version - 2021 Updated]

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Rich in features, Logic Pro 10.4 is a great variant of Apple's music editing software. It allows all amateur and professional musicians to design their own songs, just like in a real recording studio. Logic Pro Mac 10.4 brings the Drummer feature that automatically accompanies you on the drums behind your compositions.


Compatible with all the latest Mac OS, this software provides you with a collection of 40 integrated instruments (drums, synths, guitar, etc.), 1,700 sampled instruments, but also 4,500 professional settings, and 80 effects: reverbs, echoes, equalizers, amps, etc.

This software also gives you the possibility of editing or mixing your songs, thanks to 15 plug-in inserts and 8 sends per channel. Finally, you can record or re-record your compositions on one or more tracks before sharing them with your friends. The interface has been redesigned to improve fluidity and accessibility.


With Logic Pro Mac 10.4 free download, Apple offers a more complete and professional solution than GarageBand. Logic Pro 10.4 is complete, powerful, and packed with modules, tools, and features tailored for professional music composition.


More advanced than GarageBand and intended for professionals, Logic Pro 10.4 is a music composition software published by Apple. It allows you to create songs through all stages of recording, editing, and audio mixing. Have you tried Office 2019 pour Mac


Logic Pro 10.4 Mac offers the possibility of recording your own instruments, composing sound using the onboard virtual modules and instruments, or from a USB and MIDI controller. The user is thus able to record quality sound in 24 bits and 192 kHz and benefits from more than 250 audio tracks.


The software also offers a synthesizer called Alchemy which offers more than 3000 sounds as well as a host of modules and effects. With its experience in the field, Logic Pro 10.4 has been enriched with more than 1,800 audio patches and more than 3,600 loops that cover several musical styles, from Hip-Hop to House, including Dubstep and R&B.


When it comes to editing, Apple's software provides a host of tools to adjust your vocal recordings using the Pitch Tool or to easily sync the tempo of your tracks using Flex Time. Converting MIDI tracks to score is also supported.


Once your productions have been edited, Logic Pro 10.4 reserves a wide range of tools and features to mix your tracks. In order to simplify your task, the software allows the management of groups of tracks or the automation of certain modifications.


Although it is reserved for advanced users, Logic Pro 10.4 Download is easy to learn and benefits from an interface for beginners, stripped of some advanced features.

Logic Pro Mac 10.4 Free Download


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