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Important Information

Before you begin your course, please read the student handbook. It contains valuable information about our policies and procedures. If you have taken an online course with IU High School before, either on the old Dragon system or IU's Oncourse system, you will find that many procedures, including those for processing assignments, applying for exams, and checking on grades, have changed with the adoption of Canvas.

Unless otherwise specified, all exams are still proctored. Refer to the exam tips lessons and the student handbook for specific information about arranging to take your examinations.

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Useful Resources

The IUHS Help Portal has links to helpful information and learning resources that may help you do better in this course.

Tips for Success in Independent Study Courses is a printable document that contains in-depth advice about managing your time and studying course materials.

We strongly encourage you to read the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, which provides regulations governing the actions and interactions of all members of the university community.

Obtaining Textbooks

There is not a required textbook for this course. (You will need a scientific calculator, compass, straightedge, a protractor, and access to a scanner.)

Course Outline

Please complete and submit the student information form, found in the Assignments page.

If this is your first course in Canvas, please review these tips for getting started and explore the Student Tutorial.

Introduction: Be sure to read the course introduction before beginning any lessons.

Lesson 1: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles 
Lesson 1 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 1 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 2: Logic, Proof, and Reasoning 
Lesson 2 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 2 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 3: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 
Lesson 3 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 3 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 4: Classifying Triangles and Angle Relations 
Lesson 4 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 4 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 5: Midterm Exam Tips
Exam Application 
Midterm Exam

Lesson 6: Congruence of Triangles 
Lesson 6 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 6 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 7: Relationships in Triangles and Indirect Proof 
Lesson 7 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 7 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 8: Triangle and Polygon Proportions and Similarity 
Lesson 8 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 8 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 9: Right Triangles and Trigonometric Ratios 
Lesson 9 Assignment: Part 1
Lesson 9 Assignment: Part 2

Lesson 10: Final Exam Tips
Course Evaluation - Please complete before applying for the Final Exam below. All responses are anonymous.
Exam Application 
Final Exam


Course Summary:

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