Virtual Reality Workshop Series

Virtual Reality Workshop Series

This weekly series will present and discuss a variety of topics related to virtual reality as it exists today and its utility as a tool in educational and other contexts. While we will discuss overarching concepts of virtual reality, the primary focus will be on using virtual reality to move toward a goal.

This weekly series will present and discuss a variety of topic related to virtual reality.  We will discuss the medium of VR as well as interface issues as they relate to particular hardware styles, along with areas where VR is being applied as a tool for learning, training, science and evaluation.

We will also explore some of the technologies used in creating new VR experiences in these and other disciplines.

Interspersed with the regular lecture style presentations, we have added four "Expedition" style events (in orange) where a short introductory presentation will introduce a handful of VR experiences related to a given topic, and then local participants will break out and try out the experiences first hand. Recordings of these events will be evaluated as to their value before being posted for posterity.

The presentations will be held in one of our campus Reality Labs equipped with several Vive HMD VR systems -- Franklin Hall room 052.  If you haven't been to Franklin Hall yet: The building is at the intersection of Kirkwood (aka 5th St.) and Indiana St. where the "Sample Gates" are located. Room 052 is on a lower level (down and to the left, then right then left from the main entrance by the Ernie Pyle statue -- to the right and up, and then U-turn from the Indiana Street entrance). 

(Lecture notes will be made available under the "Files" page.)

Date Presenter Topic
  1/16/19 Bill Sherman The Medium of Virtual Reality
  1/23/19 Chauncey Frend A Survey of VR Experiences
  1/30/19 (no presentation due to weather)
  2/06/19 Chauncey Frend VR for Simulation and Training
  2/11/19 Jeff Rogers VR Expedition: Experiential Gaming
  2/13/19 Jeff Rogers VR for Architectural review
  2/18/19 Tassie Gniady VR Expedition: Cultural Heritage
  2/20/19 Jeff Rogers Developing Mobile VR Experiences
  2/25/19 Chauncey Frend VR Expedition: Creative Tools in VR
  2/27/19 Bill Sherman Scientific Visualization with VR
  3/06/19 John Stone Molecular Visualization with VR
  3/13/19 N/A (Spring Break: no presentation)
  3/20/19 Tassie Gniady Virtual Tourism
  3/27/19 N/A (IEEE VR Conference: no presentation)
  4/01/19 Bill Sherman VR Expedition: Science Education
  4/03/19 Laura Shackelford / Alan Craig Archaeology Training with VR
  4/10/19 Bill Sherman VR-Unity Extravaganza

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