Is PMP Certification For Engineers Only?

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PMP certification is something desired by many students and professionals from various fields. A Project Management Professional certificationLinks to an external a golden ticket that will take your career to new heights. There are certain myths and misinformation surrounding as to who can obtain a PMP certification. Here we will clarify all the misinformation spread about the PMP certification exam and tell you all the facts you should know before applying for a PMP certification.

Myths and Facts: Who can and cannot obtain PMP Certification

If you look on Google, then one of the most searched question regarding PMP certification is that if a PMP certification is only for engineers. It is, in fact, a myth that only an engineer can apply for the PMP certification exam. Likewise, it is also believed by many people that if you are not from the Project Management field then you are not eligible for the PMP exam. This again is misinformation spread among many.

The Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the governing body conducting the PMP examination, has officially stated that anyone can apply for the PMP exam. The only important factor is that the person should meet all the mandatory requirements to be eligible for the PMP exam, and, your niche is not one.

Fact is, anyone interested in a PMP certification can apply for the exam to be PMP certified. From IT professionals, engineers, to high school students or doctors as well, anyone can be a PMP certified person.

A PMP certification is a powerful tool in the project management field that can boost your career.

Now, to answer who cannot apply for a PMP certification, well, there is no restriction based on your career or you’re the field of your study. The only thing that could stop you from getting a PMP certification is if you fail to meet the set eligibility requirements.

To conclude, anyone can become a PMP certified, noted, they possess at least a high school degree, 35 hours of project management education and 7,500 or fewer hours of work hours experience.

If you have all the above requirements except the project management education, then the PMI offers another certification. The Certified Associate in Project Management is the initial step in acquiring the PMP certification, with no project management education.

The CAPM is considered as the 35 hours of Project management education proof in the applying process to sit through a PMP examination.

Also, an important guideline to note here is that a candidate is required to provide evidence for all the above requirements. If a candidate fails to support his claims of meeting the eligibility requirement then they will not be allowed to continue through the process and sit for the examination.

What is a PMP certification?

A PMP certification is a highly coveted certification in the field of Project management anyone can apply for. To obtain a PMP certification you have to sit through a PMP certification exam conducted by the Project Management Institution.

The PMP certification gives you an edge over your competitors and acts as proof of your skill and knowledge in managing field projects.

In the PMP certification exam, the candidates are tested in various domains which comprise of different percentage of the examination paper.

  1. Initiating the project (13%)
  2. Planning the project (24%)
  3. Executing the project (31%)
  4. Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  5. Closing the project (7%)

You are given a question paper covering these main domains in 200 multiple-choice questions. Out of these 200, 25 questions are not counted towards a candidate's final score. The PMP examination is a close book test.

Why should you apply for a PMP certification?

If you are reluctant about applying for a PMP certification then you should know that almost all the major companies demand a PMP certification from their employee. According to a recent study, companies with the highest number of PMP certified to perform better than those with no PMP certified employee. All the high performing projects are handled by PMP certified professionals and it is also one of the highest-paid certifications. 

If you are a project manager or you wish to become a successful project manager and reach new heights in your career, then, applying for the PMP certification is a wise choice.

It has now become a requirement for project managers if they want to do better in their career and get more opportunities.

  • Competitive edge over your peers

With a PMP certification in your resume, you will land better job offers and opportunities as compared to your peers with no PMP certification. During a job interview, profiles with PMP certification are prioritized over profiles of other candidates lacking such certifications.

Project Managing jobs have increased in the past few decades and therefore, the number of people applying for these jobs have also increased. To find worthy employees in the crowd of job hungry people with ranges of qualification is an exhausting job. Hence, most companies test the potential of the applying candidate by the PMP certification.

  • High income

A PMP certification is also a guarantee of higher income. According to reports, a PMP certified project manager earns more than a non-certified manager. If you have a PMP certification in your resume then your skills and knowledge cannot be doubted and therefore, you are given better opportunities with good pay.

So, if you think that PMP certification is too costly and not worth the money, then, you are wrong. You can think of the exam fee as a one-time investment and the benefits you will be showered with after obtaining the certification are the lifetime rewards of that one-time investment.

  • Teaches important skills

In this highly competitive era, one must know how to stand out to be in the lead. In the field of project management, skills are the necessary tools that will make you outshine your peers and put you in the lead of the race.

Skills are also necessary to be the best at your job and when you are the best, you are the most demanded. Coara digital products, The PMP certification teaches you important skills about the project management field that will be your guiding light in the career.

The PMP certification exam includes learning several skills that are taught to the candidates. It helps in building knowledge and developing a better understanding of project management processes tools and techniques. It also exposes the candidate to better practices and trends in the project management field. New tricks and techniques in project management activities are also covered in the syllabus.

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